Articles for November 2011

38mm Wheels – Ideal for Novices

For those of you not familiar with cycling grades – Novice refers to the Under 17 age group. For the younger age categories there are restrictions on gearing and equipment. Most notably that they can’t have carbon wheels.

So these are among the fastest wheels that a Novice rider is allowed to use. Not that their use is restricted to that category as they are good speed per dollar for any age.

Hed Jet 9

The Jet 9 (9 referring to the 90mm depth) are the latest take on Heds well proven alloy clincher rims with a carbon fairing. They were one of the pioneers of the re-adoption of wide rims and for 2011 added ‘SCT’ (stability control technology) to the rim shaping to better control crosswind behaviour.

Tony Martin famously used a Jet 9 front in winning the World Champs Time Trial this year, making that rare decision for a pro cyclist, using a clincher instead of a tubular.

Understanding Saddle Contact Points

Once upon a time your options for saddles were basically either a Turbo or a Rolls. Happily those days are now well behind us as there are a plethora of saddle options available. Not only brands and models but different widths of those models. How can we compare them?

By measuring them and analysing the numbers of course! Understanding what the important differences are in saddle measurement makes choosing your next saddle (or preserving your position when you change saddles) much easier.

Triathlon Bike Fit

I can always tell when the mood of the triathlon community turns from winter hibernation to preparing for a new season – I get a surge of enquiries about bike fit. As I’m seeing fresh signs of activity for the coming summer (and the Half IM season is upon us in the North Island) I thought it appropriate to discuss why bike fit is important and how you can tell whether you need to pay attention to yours.

I’m going to focus on triathlon bike positioning for this article. The principles for a road bike fit (with or without aerobars) are similar but there is enough of a difference to make the article confusingly complicated if I try to cover off everything in one hit.