Articles for December 2011

Trek Speed Concept 7.5 2012

For 2012 the Speed Concept 7.5 upgrades to an OCLV frame (slightly higher manufacturing quality than the previous TCT) but mimics the paint scheme of the 2011 7.0.

Here are a few images of a recent build. Though I must apologise for the poor lighting – I don’t have quite the same obsession with taking photos that I do for bikes or analysis.

Cobb Saddles

Every bike fit I’ve ever done has involved a discussion about saddles. Being happy with what you’re sitting on is key to enjoying the hours on the bike and many riders have failed to enjoy their expensive machines purely for the sake of the saddle.

So being able to supply good saddles is important for me to be able to do my job well. Which is why I was quite pleased to find out that Sam Warriner and her husband Steve had decided to bring in Cobb saddles.

Giro Selector

One of the more hotly anticipated product releases this year has been “Lances Helmet” – the new Giro aero helmet that we saw on the Pro cyclists in 2010 but had to wait an age for the consumer version.

That helmet is now available to the rest of us with the moniker ‘Selector’ – referring to the modularity of the helmets attachments.