Articles for January 2012

Cervelo P5 – First Thoughts

As anyone interested in Triathlon equipment knows, the P5 has finally been released. While we’re still waiting on some information (like the most important bit – windtunnel data) there has been enough revealed to draw some early conclusions.

Cervelo P4 – A Chequered Career

With the incipient release of the Cervelo P5 the P4 will be superseded and apparently dropped from the product line. So it seems appropriate to review the highs and lows of the model before it is overshadowed by the dawning of a glorious new age (if the hype around the coming P5 is to be believed).

My relationship with this bike did not start well. But I’m married to a woman who initially thought I was an arrogant know it all (she doesn’t think I’m arrogant anymore), so obviously I’m not deterred by early setbacks and keep trying till I get what I want.

Monitoring Training Effect

The reason we train is to improve…right? Especially when you’ve gone to the expense of having a power meter and coach. I admit to frequent bouts of amazement at the people that I see devoting endless (I can’t say countless when we’re all using equipment to count every second/watt/stroke/stride etc) hours and thousands of dollars to their sporting pursuits without seeing meaningful improvement.

This article is about a simple way for power users to set goals and monitor whether they’ve achieved anything in their last training block