Articles for August 2012

Orbea Ordu 2013

The new Orbea Ordu with SRAM Red

Last year Orbea suffered the indignity of having their star athlete, Craig Alexander, abandon them mid-season – breaking a life-time contract as he had discovered in the wind tunnel how much time he was losing to competitors on better bikes.

Orbea have finally done something about this with the release of a new Ordu for 2013. I’ve noticed a few things so as usual will offer a view other than that of regurgitated press releases.

Cervelo P5 in the house

The long awaited Cervelo P5s have actually now landed in the country. The limited numbers so far produced (128 54s and 56s) mean that NZ only received 3 bikes.

Here is a close look at some of the details that get left out of press release based reviews. Lots of pictures rather than just the excessive verbiage I usually indulge in.

Article about power training on Sportzhub

This is the first of a series introducing the basics of using power and the equipment available.