Articles for June 2014

Marginal Gains Monday – Fuel Carrying

If you are riding for a long time you will need to ingest fluid and or food at some point if you wish to avoid finding yourself in a very sad place* – or if you wish to maximise your performance. The other aspect to maximising your performance when it comes to fuelling is choosing where to carry your nutrition.

Triathletes are notorious for loading their bikes with all manner of paraphernalia – it should come as no great surprise that all that extra stuff can catch the wind and slow you down. A bit of careful thought can both mitigate risk (of losing your nutrition) and minimise the impact on aero performance from carrying nutrition.

Marginal Gains Monday – Transmission

Actually on Monday this week, how novel.

An often neglected area on the bike is the transmission – Pedals, Bottom Bracket, Chain and Rear Derailleur – the parts that transmit the massive watts you’re pumping into the pedals to the rear wheel and thus to the road.

There are gains to be had here too and not necessarily expensive ones either.

Marginal Gains – Tyre Selection Part Two

The long awaited (since last week) sequel to the not so gripping (as I didn’t cover traction as an aspect of tyre performance) first instalment of tyre selection factors. This week I’ll focus on Rolling Resistance and the combine the factors discussed into an overall view.

Unfortunately I hit a snag with some rolling resistance testing last night which delayed completion of the article (some people sleep at night – I hop on the rollers to test tyres).

Marginal Gains – Tyre Selection Part One

As Monday was a public holiday my wife suggested that this weeks article should be called ‘Tiny Tweaks Tuesday’ but we’ll stick with ‘Marginal Gains’ for the sake of consistency. However, this weeks topic is not really marginal – Tyre selection is one of your biggest opportunities to gain (or throw away) performance.

The three key characteristics for race tyres are:

  • Rolling Resistance
  • Aerodynamics
  • Weight
  • Durability

For this week I’ll cover Aerodynamics, Weight and Durability. Part Two will cover Rolling resistance and the overall picture.