SPEEDTheory was created to help riders optimise their performance through good bike fit and smart equipment selection.

Our Fitters:

David Bowden – Cambridge

David has had over 20 years experience in bike fitting and many years coaching. he currently coaches a number of triathletes including:

  • Asia Pacific Ironman Champion and 2020 Taupo Ironman Winner – Teresa Adam
  • NZ MTR triathlon squad member – Sophie Corbidge
  • Black Spokes Pro Cycling Team member – Hayden McCormick
  • A number of age group triathletes for half ironman and ironman distances

David is the founder of Speedtheory and well known in the world of bike fit.

He also founded and is the Technical Director for velogicfit (bike fit software specialists) – offering tools and training to enable bike fitters around the world to offer better services to their clients.  Their products include 3D Motion capture and 3D Aero dynamic analysis software.

Additionally he is the R&D Manager for Profile Design – focusing on developing products that improve fit options and offer superior aerodynamics for riders.

Photo courtesy of Daryl Carey Photography

Photo courtesy of Daryl Carey Photography