Here are a few testimonials from clients:

Thanks for your advice and help with my bike set up.  It definitely helped me get my PB ride.

– Kim, Ironman Triathlete (and now a user of short cranks)


Until last year, I was an adequate age group triathlete, particularly on the bike.  Not slow, but not fast either.  I owned and used a power metre, and although I had some knowledge of how to use it, for the most part it was essentially a glorified bike computer.  I came to David to both train smarter, and, in particular, improve my cycling.

With David’s assistance, in under six months I increased my 20 minute power by about 15 percent.  Importantly, I did this without increasing my total training load; indeed, while individual workouts were more focused, and at a higher intensity than previously, my total training hours were lower than they had been.  I also found, particularly during winter, that David’s workouts kept me interested, and the regular testing (with regular improvements) kept me motivated.

David spent a lot of time analysing all my workout data (both cycling and running), and workouts were prescribed for me based on what I was actually doing – not just a monthly spreadsheet.  Knowing David was going to analyse each of my files also kept me honest.

My cycling is now a real strength, and I can ride with some of the better age group triathletes

-Phil, Triathlete

Another client gave this very nice testimonial on the Sportzhub Forum

I’ve been stoked dealing with David Bowden (cyclenutnz) who lives in Cambridge. I have often had my seat too high (not realising) and as a result have had issues off the bike – generally cramp in the adductors. Since I’ve had David as my ‘set up guy’, that problem has been pretty much solved.
I 100% endorse seeing David, he’s set me up on 3 different bikes now. I’ve had to sell my TT bike and I’m now using a road bike with ‘clip on’ aero bars. He set me up for both a road position and a triathlon position (best fit he could achieve with geometry) and I was really happy with my Tauranga Half effort yesterday – lack of bike training was my problem, definitely not my set up, but for me I ran well off the bike, suggesting my position is good, especially as I don’t generally practice running off the bike.
Best thing with David is he is what his name suggests – a ‘cycle nut’, so being able to talk with him and pick his brains is really worth it, plus if you’re not happy after going away and working with your new postion he’ll sort you out without charging you again as he is genuinely keen to see you right.

I’ve been doing Half Ironman and Ironman races since 1998 and had 4-5 ‘professionals’ set me up, but still struggled off the bike until David helped me out, best ironman run time of 3:20.

-Scott, Triathlete


I felt like a super hero that couldn’t be stopped

– Race report from Amanda (coaching client)

 I went for a 2 hr ride on Sunday. A completely different feel. The knee felt fine, it was faster at a lower heart beat and I ran tonight no problems. So a revelation really and a great morale boost. The muscles felt sore in different places. So thanks – it was well worth it.

– Phil, Triathlete

Speed theory is not just about the die hard athletes we aspire to be, Speed Theory is the real deal for ordinary cycling folks who enter events here and there, who enjoy getting out and want to improve.  So booshaka woop woop and yippeeyiyay, after my bike fit- 2x 30km, 2x 50km and 1x 70km rides – no neck pain, no sore or numb feet!  Maybe I just might become that die hard athlete after all!

– Jo, a new (and quite enthusiastic) cyclist

Just a line to thank-you for your expertise/efforts with our daughter. She no longer has knee pain and is feeling and looking a lot more like a cyclist now. Wish we had seen you earlier. Thanks again we are very grateful.

– John, parent of a young triathlete