The aim of this page is to be a repository for information I’ve found regarding Bicycle Aerodynamics. It’s going to take a while to get everything loaded up and to write a primer & glossary but the grand plan is in motion…

For starters, over the years I have compiled a list of measurements of key frame tubing dimensions from TT/Tri bikes. In the early days of TT/Tri bikes aerodynamics were fairly simple – narrower was better. Now we are in the time of managed airflows rather than just making the smallest hole in the wind possible. However – skinny and deep tubes are still a pretty good indicator that the designer was on the right track.

Frame Tubing Dimensions (published Google Spreadsheet link).

Articles I’ve written pertaining to Aerodynamics.

White paper released by (now defunct) Lew Wheels in ~2009 that I saved before it disappeared from the web. Lew Disc Testing

Specialized tested their Transition against the P3 in 2008 and (being Specialized) created a slick marketing presentation. Some useful information about the basics of bike aerodynamics.

Trek White Paper from 2007 comparing the Equinox TTX, Cervelo P3, Scott Plasma 1 and a Madone road bike.

And plenty more to come. When I have time. No, I don’t know how long that piece of string is…


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