Bike Fit Services

Drawing on 15 years helping riders into their individually best position I use a mix of science and experience to improve your relationship with the bike.

Tools used:

  • velogicfit 3D Motion system to measure your limb angles and stability on the bike
  • velogicfit 3D Aero to assess your aerodynamics if speed is a primary driver of your fit


The goal of every fit is to define an individually optimised position – to suit your:

  • goals
  • experience
  • current fitness
  • limitations (injury, range of motion)


The metrics from the advanced analysis are balanced against rider feedback to derive a comfortable and sustainable position.


Please note that Speedtheory Cambridge is only open for bike fits on Wednesdays, during office hours. Typically you will need to book 3-4 weeks in advance.


Bike Fit Session $220 (includes report summarising outcomes and measurements)

Away Fit $250 (for fit sessions away from Cambridge)

Second Position $150 (ie if you wish to have both road and tri positions done)

Advanced Bike Fit $350 – for TT/Tri focussing on speed from position & equipment

Use of Fit Bike $250 (includes the bike options report)

Bike Options Report $50 (gives best available matches to your requirements)


All charges are in NZD and include GST