Marginal Gains Monday – Handlebars

On the face of it, not a particularly exciting topic – bars tend to be a bit forgotten as riders focus on the obvious items like frame, wheels and groupset. But bar choice can make a real difference to performance so it’s worth paying attention to them. Logically they have the potential for significance as they’re one of the first parts of the bike to hit the wind.

Obviously there is a significant difference in shape and setup between road and TT bars, but the principles by which they are (should be) selected are the same.

Trek Releases WSD Version of the Domane – the Silque

I don’t usually comment on new road bike releases (as there are too many) and particularly not “Womens Specific” ones. But the Silque is interesting enough to warrant making a few observations.

Trek don’t particularly need to create another geometry – across the road range I count 38 distinct sizes – Domane, Domane Classics Edition, Madone H1, H2 & H3 (previous WSD bikes have been H3). But they have done so with the Silque – a modified version of the Domane.

Marginal Gains Monday – Position Aero Drag

At the suggestion of my friends at Sweat7 I’m starting a ‘Marginal Gains Monday’ post to work alongside their series of the same name. The aim is to briefly cover one topic to provide readers with some useful information about hunting out small advantages.

Having been in the Wind Tunnel again last week I’m going to discuss the changes in aerodynamics possible by changing your body position on the bike.

New Triathlon/TT Bike Releases – Cervelo, Fuji, Pinarello

There have been some interesting new bikes announced recently, as usual I have an opinion about such things so have jotted down a few observations.

In ascending order of interest….

Orbea Ordu 2013

The new Orbea Ordu with SRAM Red

Last year Orbea suffered the indignity of having their star athlete, Craig Alexander, abandon them mid-season – breaking a life-time contract as he had discovered in the wind tunnel how much time he was losing to competitors on better bikes.

Orbea have finally done something about this with the release of a new Ordu for 2013. I’ve noticed a few things so as usual will offer a view other than that of regurgitated press releases.

Colnago K-Zero Geometry

The announcement of the new K-Zero bike has caused a bit of a stir as it looks like Colnago are taking TT/Tri development seriously. I’ve done a bit of work on extracting useful information from the sparse geometry data that’s offered and figured I’d share what I’ve learned for anyone who might be considering this bike.

School/Novice Position & Equipment

I recently spoke to a school group about bike setup and thought it appropriate to summarise the topics I usually cover for school/novice groups in an article.

While the points are focussed towards teenaged riders, the only things that change for a new adult rider are some of the rules limiting equipment so the general precepts apply at any age.

Trek Madone 4.5 Review

Having recently acquired a new road bike it’s time that I detailed what led me to the choice I made and what I think of the bike now that I’ve got some miles on it.

The choosing:

Anyone who has read any of my articles (on this site or others) will notice that I’m quite a fan of being as aerodynamic as possible, so surely my options would be confined to the aero road bikes? As it turns out – not necessarily.

IMNZ Prediction Contest

Sam Warriner suggested a competition to predict the results for IMNZ on the Sportzhub Forum. I’ve offered to contribute a bike fit prize and I’ll be collating the results. If you want to enter you can make your submission on the forum or by emailing me (use the contact form)

Cobb Saddles

Every bike fit I’ve ever done has involved a discussion about saddles. Being happy with what you’re sitting on is key to enjoying the hours on the bike and many riders have failed to enjoy their expensive machines purely for the sake of the saddle.

So being able to supply good saddles is important for me to be able to do my job well. Which is why I was quite pleased to find out that Sam Warriner and her husband Steve had decided to bring in Cobb saddles.