Fuji Track Elite

Fuji Track Elite

Fuji is one of the few brands in recent years to have committed to developing a new carbon track frame – the Fuji Track Elite. It’s a very nice addition to the market – sizing, features & price are all positives compared to competing products. I built one up for the first time so had an opportunity to take some photos and measurements.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013

The new range of Trek Speed Concepts finally arrived in NZ last week, allowing two of my clients to finally get some sleep (as they both wished to race on the weekend just gone).

The XL model had to be special ordered so is the only one around, the small is a bit more widely available.

Trek Speed Concept 7.5 2012

For 2012 the Speed Concept 7.5 upgrades to an OCLV frame (slightly higher manufacturing quality than the previous TCT) but mimics the paint scheme of the 2011 7.0.

Here are a few images of a recent build. Though I must apologise for the poor lighting – I don’t have quite the same obsession with taking photos that I do for bikes or analysis.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0

One of my clients wanted to upgrade his Tri bike from the faithful steed that I set him up on five years ago. At the top of the option list I gave him was the Speed Concept 7.0 – not only does it offer the best value but after running the numbers it also offered the best match for his position (it’s nice when life works out that way).

It’s an impressive bike on paper and in the flesh, the thought that has gone into the Speed Concept (SC) range clearly shows. It’s no stretch to say that the announcement of the SC range was the most exciting news for 2011 Tri bikes.