Rotorua Half Analysis

Just catching up on posting race analyses I did at the time but haven’t yet written up. As we’re somewhat after the fact by this point I shan’t go into too much detail.

Conditions were good for the 2016 edition – fastest year ever on the bike, but not flash on the run.

A Lesson in Half Ironman Pacing

Half Pacing

One of the cool things about being a coach is getting data back from athletes and seeing that they have followed instructions perfectly and had great races. One of my athletes gave a master class in race execution at the Tauranga Half on the weekend – setting the fastest age group bike time (2.12) and winning his grade.

Happily he has given permission for me to use his files for the edification/education of all. If you’ve been wondering how power meters can add to your training/racing then this should be helpful.