Karapiro Half

For those who’ve joined the sport more recently it may be interesting to know that there was a Karapiro Half in times gone by. Run by Shane Hooks using the infrastructure he had in place for the final Special K event (that was on the next day).

I don’t know the circumstances around the cessation of the event but this was Hooksies final message

The Karapiro Half Ironman is dead. Kaput. Gone. RIP Karapiro half. All the whingers, burn in hell.

I have the results from the 2003 and 2004 events but not 2005.

There was a kayak option instead of the swim. The bike course changed each year, in the 2003 edition some of the turnaround cones were stolen so the course you rode depended on where you were in the field. I can recall Hooksie hanging out the window of his car asking what the distance on my Speedo was and telling me that it should be good to turn now to make up for the extra ridden earlier.

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