Rotorua Half

Speed Theory is proud to be the official coaching partner of the Rotorua Half Ironman.

One of the notable aspects of the Rotorua course is that the bike leg is tough enough that, for those that go on to do Ironman, you can multiply your bike time at the Half by 2.0 to predict your Ironman ride time. For other courses you need to multiply by 2 then add another 10-20% – the Rotorua course is more testing and thus serves as an ideal lead in event for Ironman (the timing is good too).

Given that the bike course is known to be challenging, especially the final hill, a key element to having a good day at this event is pacing. Obviously this holds true for any long distance race but even more so for an event where you are facing an off-road run after a challenging ride. So it is worth holding back a little for the first 75% of the ride in order to cope with the last hill well and hit the run with good legs (inasmuch as it is possible to have good legs straight after a 90km ride).

I’ve noted a correlation between faster bike splits and slower runs when I’ve analysed trends in the results for this race over the years – which confirms the importance of pacing the ride to have an overall better performance.

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