Tauranga Half

The longest running Half on the calendar. Also serves as the National Long Distance Championships.

I have complete results back to 2005 and top finishers for 2002, 2000 & 1999. I’ve contacted the BOP Times to ask if they have archived results but no joy. If anyone has copies of the results somewhere it would be great to fill in the missing years.

I do have the winners list back to 1990:

YearMens WinnerWomens Winner
2013Graham O'GradyGina Crawford
2012Cameron BrownJoanna Lawn
2011Callum MillwardJoanna Lawn
2010Michael PooleSamantha Warriner
2009Duncan MilneSamantha Warriner
2008Kieran DoeKate Bevilaqua
2007Cameron BrownJoanna Lawn
2006Nathan RichmondJoanna Lawn
2005Craig AlexanderSamantha Warriner
2004Cameron BrownRebekah Keat
2003Cameron BrownRebekah Keat
2002Cameron BrownRebekah Keat
2001Cameron BrownNicole Cope
2000Cameron BrownRobin Rooke
1999Cameron BrownKaryn Ballance
1998Cameron BrownHeidi Alexander
1997Tony O'HaganKaryn Mills
1996Walter ThorburnJenny Rose
1995Scott BallanceSue Clark
1994Tony O'HaganSue Clark
1993Frank ClarkeMegan Robertson
1992Tony O'HaganMegan Robertson
1991Dave BraddingCorie Lyons
1990Scott BallanceKaren Williams

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