Rotorua Half Analysis

Just catching up on posting race analyses I did at the time but haven’t yet written up. As we’re somewhat after the fact by this point I shan’t go into too much detail.

Conditions were good for the 2016 edition – fastest year ever on the bike, but not flash on the run.

Average Split Times


The course has changed a few times over the years, so it’s a bit difficult to draw strong conclusions from long term comparisons.

The route has been settled for the last 3 editions so we’ll focus on those.

Based on the overall averages 2016 looks to be pretty typical. While Javier Gomez was unable to break the Mens course record, Teresa Adam took care of the Womens record, so definitely not a slow day at the front of the field.

Same Athlete Analysis



The 2015 to 2016 comparison tracks very closely between overall and same-athlete numbers. Slightly slower swim and run in both analyses. However, the bike was actually slightly quicker for repeat offenders, compared to the overall average being slower.

This is borne out by the fact that Sam Clark set a bike course record for men and was not alone in setting a personal best time for the bike leg.

I rated the run as very hard (in a team) but that is what comes of doubling your monthly mileage by doing the event.


This is, surprisingly, the first time I’ve posted these numbers for Rotorua Half. It has taken a long time to compile the results in a format I could use. As it turns out I should have just asked Hooksie sooner.

2016 was a normal year in terms of times and conditions. If you were well prepared the opportunity was there to go fast.

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