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New Triathlon/TT Bike Releases – Cervelo, Fuji, Pinarello

There have been some interesting new bikes announced recently, as usual I have an opinion about such things so have jotted down a few observations.

In ascending order of interest….

Cervelo RCa Released

Cervelo have released a successor to their Halo road bike – the R5Ca makes way for the RCa – the Ca referring to the fact that the frames are built in California. Unfortunately the price tag that accompanies the R&D and exclusivity (only 325 made) means that discussion of this bike is for most of us an academic exercise. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting (after all – no one can afford space ships but sci-fi movies are very popular).

Unlike the cycling media I’m not going to repeat all of the press release – what is particularly interesting is the tube shaping that has gone into the new frame and the comparative wind tunnel testing performed during development – so I have, of course, done a bit of extra analysis on that information.

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing: Part Deux

After I finished yesterdays article about Triathlete Magazines Windtunnel Testing it occurred to me that there were additional elements worth considering. So today I’ll look at the effect of different bikes at IMNZ and consider the impact of adding a water bottle to the frame – which works in the favour of the Specialized Shiv Tri.

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing

Triathlete Magazine has made drag data available from a recent bout of Windtunnel testing involving the new Orbea Ordu, Specialized Shiv, Trek Speed Concept and Cervelo P5. Unfortunately the conclusions they draw from the data are rather simplistic.

Happily Speedtheory is here to do the complicated analysis and then present it in a way that (hopefully) makes it meaningful for our readers…

Cervelo P5 Review

I’ve written a Cervelo P5 Review for Sportzhub, which you can read here.

For my previous thoughts on the P5, check out these articles.

Cervelo P5 in the house

The long awaited Cervelo P5s have actually now landed in the country. The limited numbers so far produced (128 54s and 56s) mean that NZ only received 3 bikes.

Here is a close look at some of the details that get left out of press release based reviews. Lots of pictures rather than just the excessive verbiage I usually indulge in.

Cervelo P5 – First Thoughts

As anyone interested in Triathlon equipment knows, the P5 has finally been released. While we’re still waiting on some information (like the most important bit – windtunnel data) there has been enough revealed to draw some early conclusions.

Cervelo P4 – A Chequered Career

With the incipient release of the Cervelo P5 the P4 will be superseded and apparently dropped from the product line. So it seems appropriate to review the highs and lows of the model before it is overshadowed by the dawning of a glorious new age (if the hype around the coming P5 is to be believed).

My relationship with this bike did not start well. But I’m married to a woman who initially thought I was an arrogant know it all (she doesn’t think I’m arrogant anymore), so obviously I’m not deterred by early setbacks and keep trying till I get what I want.