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Marginal Gains – Helmets

One of the most popular speed oriented purchases, though often hotly debated. Helmets rank very high on the speed per dollar (or currency of your choice) scale. However, what is not always appreciated is that the fastest helmet varies by individual.

Recent years have seen the price of new aero helmets skyrocket (as with many other cycling products), partially thanks to brands wanting to establish a ‘halo’ product and partly because the nature of the market has dictated a lot more R&D. For a brand that previously created helmets based on aesthetics it is an expensive proposition to recover the cost of CFD and wind tunnel testing. Additionally the last couple of years have seen the advent of aero focussed road helmets which are a useful new option on the market.

Tour de France: Observations from Stages 4 & 5

You would think that there would be some minutiae of equipment choice from the TTT that I could have picked to pieces. But I couldn’t see anything that would form a compelling argument for a different result if different equipment was used.

So I’m just going to list a few of the things I’ve noticed over the last couple of stages

Giro Selector

One of the more hotly anticipated product releases this year has been “Lances Helmet” – the new Giro aero helmet that we saw on the Pro cyclists in 2010 but had to wait an age for the consumer version.

That helmet is now available to the rest of us with the moniker ‘Selector’ – referring to the modularity of the helmets attachments.