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Ironman NZ 2019 Analysis


It appears to be two years since I posted any race analysis, sorry about that. Especially given that I still do the analysis but haven’t had time to write it up. In any case, I’ve run the numbers for Ironman NZ 2019 and they are interesting as always.

The key points are that it was slightly slower than the average conditions, though that didn’t prevent 177 people from setting their best times at this event. A definite positive is that finisher numbers were well up.

Ironman NZ 2017 Analysis

Those who completed IMNZ 2017 will (un)happily tell you the conditions were tough. Now we can quantify exactly how tough.

It was, in fact, the slowest day ever at Taupo (of the 17 full distance events). If you’re not fond of numbers, that is the executive summary and you should read no further (but you’ll be missing out).

Ironman Kona 2013 Preliminary Analysis

As most who follow Long Distance Triathlon will realise – the Hawaiian Ironman was raced yesterday. The conditions were unusually mild and the racing was particularly fierce, which led to some notable meltdowns and good material for analysis.

For starters I’m going to look at ‘same athlete’ analysis to compare 2013 to 2012 performances. As the full results are not available at this point I’ve just done a quick run through with the Pro results to establish a comparison to last year. Further analysis will be added as more information comes to hand (like full results, power data etc).