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Waikato Schools TTT 24-June-2012 Gallery

Photos from this mornings Team Time Trial. As usual it took me a while to find settings that worked well for the conditions – then just as I managed to take a couple of photos that weren’t too bad there was a crash a bit further down the road so photo taking became a lower priority.

Waikato Schools TTT 27-May-2012 Gallery

Photos of the Team Time Trial held at Karapiro. Images are in order of when teams went past on the outbound then return legs. How good the image of your team is pretty much comes down to luck of the draw…

School/Novice Position & Equipment

I recently spoke to a school group about bike setup and thought it appropriate to summarise the topics I usually cover for school/novice groups in an article.

While the points are focussed towards teenaged riders, the only things that change for a new adult rider are some of the rules limiting equipment so the general precepts apply at any age.

38mm Wheels – Ideal for Novices

For those of you not familiar with cycling grades – Novice refers to the Under 17 age group. For the younger age categories there are restrictions on gearing and equipment. Most notably that they can’t have carbon wheels.

So these are among the fastest wheels that a Novice rider is allowed to use. Not that their use is restricted to that category as they are good speed per dollar for any age.