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Cobb Saddles

Every bike fit I’ve ever done has involved a discussion about saddles. Being happy with what you’re sitting on is key to enjoying the hours on the bike and many riders have failed to enjoy their expensive machines purely for the sake of the saddle.

So being able to supply good saddles is important for me to be able to do my job well. Which is why I was quite pleased to find out that Sam Warriner and her husband Steve had decided to bring in Cobb saddles.

Understanding Saddle Contact Points

Once upon a time your options for saddles were basically either a Turbo or a Rolls. Happily those days are now well behind us as there are a plethora of saddle options available. Not only brands and models but different widths of those models. How can we compare them?

By measuring them and analysing the numbers of course! Understanding what the important differences are in saddle measurement makes choosing your next saddle (or preserving your position when you change saddles) much easier.