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New Triathlon/TT Bike Releases – Cervelo, Fuji, Pinarello

There have been some interesting new bikes announced recently, as usual I have an opinion about such things so have jotted down a few observations.

In ascending order of interest….

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing: Part Deux

After I finished yesterdays article about Triathlete Magazines Windtunnel Testing it occurred to me that there were additional elements worth considering. So today I’ll look at the effect of different bikes at IMNZ and consider the impact of adding a water bottle to the frame – which works in the favour of the Specialized Shiv Tri.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013

The new range of Trek Speed Concepts finally arrived in NZ last week, allowing two of my clients to finally get some sleep (as they both wished to race on the weekend just gone).

The XL model had to be special ordered so is the only one around, the small is a bit more widely available.

Waikato Schools TTT 24-June-2012 Gallery

Photos from this mornings Team Time Trial. As usual it took me a while to find settings that worked well for the conditions – then just as I managed to take a couple of photos that weren’t too bad there was a crash a bit further down the road so photo taking became a lower priority.

Waikato Schools TTT 27-May-2012 Gallery

Photos of the Team Time Trial held at Karapiro. Images are in order of when teams went past on the outbound then return legs. How good the image of your team is pretty much comes down to luck of the draw…

Cervelo P4 – A Chequered Career

With the incipient release of the Cervelo P5 the P4 will be superseded and apparently dropped from the product line. So it seems appropriate to review the highs and lows of the model before it is overshadowed by the dawning of a glorious new age (if the hype around the coming P5 is to be believed).

My relationship with this bike did not start well. But I’m married to a woman who initially thought I was an arrogant know it all (she doesn’t think I’m arrogant anymore), so obviously I’m not deterred by early setbacks and keep trying till I get what I want.

Tour TTT Analysis

I’ve written an article about the Team Trial in the Tour de France – discussing tactics and the power required to go that fast. Posted on Sportzhub.

In the Tunnel

Every Aero geeks dream is access to a windtunnel. Recently I was able to spend time in the tunnel again, but this time I got to take my own bike as well rather than just managing the session for others.

I learned a few interesting things, some of which I’ll now share.