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Tour de France 2016 Analysis – Week 1

Cavendish pips Greipel, Stage 3, 2016

With le Tour having finished I think it is opportune to dig into a few things I noticed. This won’t be a stage by stage blow by blow, rather – analysis of segments where equipment (potentially) made a critical difference.

As a general comment, it was nice this year not to see continual massive pileups in the first week (the loss of Contador was a blow) – the drama has come from hard racing and close finishes. It’s the close finishes that I’m most interested in analysing…

Tour de France: Observations from Stages 4 & 5

You would think that there would be some minutiae of equipment choice from the TTT that I could have picked to pieces. But I couldn’t see anything that would form a compelling argument for a different result if different equipment was used.

So I’m just going to list a few of the things I’ve noticed over the last couple of stages

Tour de France Stage 2 Equipment Effect

Jan Bakelants winning stage 2

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The finale of the 2013 Tour de France Stage 2 was gripping, to say the least. It’s fairly rare to see a late break succeed.

In these situations the topic of equipment choice is highlighted more sharply than in a standard bunch gallop where the standard of lead out and strength of the sprinters kick are dominant factors. So I’ve done some quick analysis of the last mile (1.6km) of the race.

Tour TTT Analysis

I’ve written an article about the Team Trial in the Tour de France – discussing tactics and the power required to go that fast. Posted on Sportzhub.