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Ironman NZ 2019 Analysis


It appears to be two years since I posted any race analysis, sorry about that. Especially given that I still do the analysis but haven’t had time to write it up. In any case, I’ve run the numbers for Ironman NZ 2019 and they are interesting as always.

The key points are that it was slightly slower than the average conditions, though that didn’t prevent 177 people from setting their best times at this event. A definite positive is that finisher numbers were well up.

Ironman NZ 2017 Analysis

Those who completed IMNZ 2017 will (un)happily tell you the conditions were tough. Now we can quantify exactly how tough.

It was, in fact, the slowest day ever at Taupo (of the 17 full distance events). If you’re not fond of numbers, that is the executive summary and you should read no further (but you’ll be missing out).

Tauranga Half 2017 Analysis

As always, we’ll compare both overall averages and those of repeat racers (recidivists).
Also, we captured a good collection of side on bike photos which were posted on Facebook.

Thanks to Wendy from SMC Events for supplying race results for 2004, 2003, 2001 and 2000 – always good to improve the depth of the results history.

Tauranga Half 2016 Results Analysis

This analysis of the Tauranga Half will be fairly brief – I didn’t post it last year, I’d run the numbers but didn’t get time to write them up. So I’m just trying to do better than that this time (a low bar to clear).
As always, we’ll compare both overall averages and those of repeat racers (recidivists).
Also, we captured a good collection of side on bike photos which were posted on Facebook.

A Lesson in Half Ironman Pacing

Half Pacing

One of the cool things about being a coach is getting data back from athletes and seeing that they have followed instructions perfectly and had great races. One of my athletes gave a master class in race execution at the Tauranga Half on the weekend – setting the fastest age group bike time (2.12) and winning his grade.

Happily he has given permission for me to use his files for the edification/education of all. If you’ve been wondering how power meters can add to your training/racing then this should be helpful.

Tauranga Half Results Analysis

It should come as no great surprise that Cameron Brown won the Tauranga Half, again. It was a decidedly average performance for him. By which I mean that his average time over the last ten years has been 3.54.53 and he recorded 3.54.10 in 2014 (OK – slightly better than average). So only average by his standards.

For those debating course distances – yes the swim was long. But overall the conditions were good. Read on for the usual race analysis

Ironman Kona 2013 Preliminary Analysis

As most who follow Long Distance Triathlon will realise – the Hawaiian Ironman was raced yesterday. The conditions were unusually mild and the racing was particularly fierce, which led to some notable meltdowns and good material for analysis.

For starters I’m going to look at ‘same athlete’ analysis to compare 2013 to 2012 performances. As the full results are not available at this point I’ve just done a quick run through with the Pro results to establish a comparison to last year. Further analysis will be added as more information comes to hand (like full results, power data etc).

New Triathlon/TT Bike Releases – Cervelo, Fuji, Pinarello

There have been some interesting new bikes announced recently, as usual I have an opinion about such things so have jotted down a few observations.

In ascending order of interest….

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing: Part Deux

After I finished yesterdays article about Triathlete Magazines Windtunnel Testing it occurred to me that there were additional elements worth considering. So today I’ll look at the effect of different bikes at IMNZ and consider the impact of adding a water bottle to the frame – which works in the favour of the Specialized Shiv Tri.

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing

Triathlete Magazine has made drag data available from a recent bout of Windtunnel testing involving the new Orbea Ordu, Specialized Shiv, Trek Speed Concept and Cervelo P5. Unfortunately the conclusions they draw from the data are rather simplistic.

Happily Speedtheory is here to do the complicated analysis and then present it in a way that (hopefully) makes it meaningful for our readers…