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Auckland Ironman 70.3 2012

I’ve added a page for the Auckland Ironman 70.3 under the Race Analysis tab – comparing the splits to the Tauranga and Taupo Halves.

Also, I posted a gallery of 1000 photos from the Bike leg on Facebook – mostly trying for side on shots (often at the expense of clarity) so that viewers can evaluate their bike positions (or ask for my opinion).

Hammer Nutrition Review

This review is in some ways a retraction. I’d never given Hammer Nutrition much consideration, for several reasons:

  • The issues that Rebekah Keat had (claimed that contaminated Hammer supplements had led to a positive drug test)
  • On arrival in NZ it was promptly adopted by some training groups that I felt were too eager to look for a magic pill
  • The thought of a multi hour bottle of Perpetuem powder was a bit nauseating

As part of my association with the Rotorua Half Ironman I’ve been taking Training sessions on the course and it seemed appropriate that I should have a working knowledge of the nutrition sponsors product – Hammer. They were kind enough to send me some samples which have eliminated my reservations.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013

The new range of Trek Speed Concepts finally arrived in NZ last week, allowing two of my clients to finally get some sleep (as they both wished to race on the weekend just gone).

The XL model had to be special ordered so is the only one around, the small is a bit more widely available.

Cervelo P5 in the house

The long awaited Cervelo P5s have actually now landed in the country. The limited numbers so far produced (128 54s and 56s) mean that NZ only received 3 bikes.

Here is a close look at some of the details that get left out of press release based reviews. Lots of pictures rather than just the excessive verbiage I usually indulge in.

IMNZ Prediction Contest

Sam Warriner suggested a competition to predict the results for IMNZ on the Sportzhub Forum. I’ve offered to contribute a bike fit prize and I’ll be collating the results. If you want to enter you can make your submission on the forum or by emailing me (use the contact form)

Cervelo P4 – A Chequered Career

With the incipient release of the Cervelo P5 the P4 will be superseded and apparently dropped from the product line. So it seems appropriate to review the highs and lows of the model before it is overshadowed by the dawning of a glorious new age (if the hype around the coming P5 is to be believed).

My relationship with this bike did not start well. But I’m married to a woman who initially thought I was an arrogant know it all (she doesn’t think I’m arrogant anymore), so obviously I’m not deterred by early setbacks and keep trying till I get what I want.

Triathlon Bike Fit

I can always tell when the mood of the triathlon community turns from winter hibernation to preparing for a new season – I get a surge of enquiries about bike fit. As I’m seeing fresh signs of activity for the coming summer (and the Half IM season is upon us in the North Island) I thought it appropriate to discuss why bike fit is important and how you can tell whether you need to pay attention to yours.

I’m going to focus on triathlon bike positioning for this article. The principles for a road bike fit (with or without aerobars) are similar but there is enough of a difference to make the article confusingly complicated if I try to cover off everything in one hit.

Specialized Shiv – A Practical Superbike?

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting in the world of triathlon bikes. First Craig Alexander is seen on a Cervelo P4 which he then used to win the Ironman 70.3 World Champs. Specialized then stepped in to get him on their new bike. His subsequent third win at Kona (Ironman World Champs) was the culmination of an extremely slick release of the new bike.

That bike is the Shiv Tri which brings some very cool features to the market. Of course, the moment they released their data I started plugging it into spreadsheets and will now share what I learned.