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Profile 78/TwentyFour Wheels Review

Profile Design have been beavering away developing new race wheels for the last couple of years. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first production sets in February prior to the Global release and have spent quite a bit of time on them.

Even better – I’ve got aero data so I can detail exactly how well they perform (because I’m obviously not going to write a review just based on fluffy concepts like ‘feel’).

Hed Jet 9

The Jet 9 (9 referring to the 90mm depth) are the latest take on Heds well proven alloy clincher rims with a carbon fairing. They were one of the pioneers of the re-adoption of wide rims and for 2011 added ‘SCT’ (stability control technology) to the rim shaping to better control crosswind behaviour.

Tony Martin famously used a Jet 9 front in winning the World Champs Time Trial this year, making that rare decision for a pro cyclist, using a clincher instead of a tubular.

Wide Rims?

There has been a lot of excitement about wide rims on road bikes in the last couple of years. Various claims have been made about the advantages of the concept and effusive reviews abound on the web.

For your edification I’ll summarise the claims and offer some history and perspective.