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Tour de France 2016 Analysis – Week 1

Cavendish pips Greipel, Stage 3, 2016

With le Tour having finished I think it is opportune to dig into a few things I noticed. This won’t be a stage by stage blow by blow, rather – analysis of segments where equipment (potentially) made a critical difference.

As a general comment, it was nice this year not to see continual massive pileups in the first week (the loss of Contador was a blow) – the drama has come from hard racing and close finishes. It’s the close finishes that I’m most interested in analysing…

Triathlete Magazine Windtunnel Testing: Part Deux

After I finished yesterdays article about Triathlete Magazines Windtunnel Testing it occurred to me that there were additional elements worth considering. So today I’ll look at the effect of different bikes at IMNZ and consider the impact of adding a water bottle to the frame – which works in the favour of the Specialized Shiv Tri.

Specialized Shiv – A Practical Superbike?

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting in the world of triathlon bikes. First Craig Alexander is seen on a Cervelo P4 which he then used to win the Ironman 70.3 World Champs. Specialized then stepped in to get him on their new bike. His subsequent third win at Kona (Ironman World Champs) was the culmination of an extremely slick release of the new bike.

That bike is the Shiv Tri which brings some very cool features to the market. Of course, the moment they released their data I started plugging it into spreadsheets and will now share what I learned.

In the Tunnel

Every Aero geeks dream is access to a windtunnel. Recently I was able to spend time in the tunnel again, but this time I got to take my own bike as well rather than just managing the session for others.

I learned a few interesting things, some of which I’ll now share.