Tauranga Half 2016 Results Analysis

This analysis of the Tauranga Half will be fairly brief – I didn’t post it last year, I’d run the numbers but didn’t get time to write them up. So I’m just trying to do better than that this time (a low bar to clear).
As always, we’ll compare both overall averages and those of repeat racers (recidivists).
Also, we captured a good collection of side on bike photos which were posted on Facebook.

The overall average times would suggest 2016 faster than 2015 (even once the 90s longer T1 in 2015 is taken into account). Interesting to note that the loss of the Auckland 70.3 has not led to a big uptick in competitor numbers for the Tauranga Half, just a mild reversal of the downwards trend in recent years.
Tauranga summary


If we consider the repeaters analysis (any athlete who has raced at least once before, compared to their average performance) we see that 2016 rates as slightly slower than average. Mostly on the run. Also, the trend of recent years continues – a fall off in athlete retention.
Tauranga Averages


Course Modelling
Running 2016 vs 2015 conditions in the Tauranga Half course model for a rider taking 2.47hrs (the average rider as above) shows 2016 to be 58s slower thanks to the stronger wind.
2016 offered lower air density with higher temperatures and slightly lower barometric pressure. Which is an advantage on the bike but harms the run.
For interest, here are the best times per discipline from my records:

Tauranga Bests

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