Tauranga Half 2017 Analysis

As always, we’ll compare both overall averages and those of repeat racers (recidivists).
Also, we captured a good collection of side on bike photos which were posted on Facebook.

Thanks to Wendy from SMC Events for supplying race results for 2004, 2003, 2001 and 2000 – always good to improve the depth of the results history.

The overall average times show 2017 to have been one of the fastest years ever. It is pretty clear that the swim was significantly short which played a large part in the overall times. Even with that corrected for it was still a much faster than average year.















Repeat Offenders

If we consider the repeaters analysis (any athlete who has raced at least once before, compared to their average performance) we see that 2017 falls just shy of being the fastest year ever. This is largely thanks to the short swim. The bike and run were right on the historical averages.
















Some changes to the records this year – swim for both genders and mens overall.








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