Tauranga Half 2020 Analysis

After three years of doing the analysis and not posting it I thought it a good time to write up the results summary for the 2020 edition.

There were several records broken, which is reflected by the analysis showing it to have been a fast year overall.

Two things stand out at first glance – that the overall average time was only 17s different to last year and that the number of finishers dropped after a resurgence last year.

The average run time showed a bit of improvement on last year, as would be expected from the lower temperatures and loss of the stairs on the mount track.

Repeat Analysis

The true story of how one edition of the race compares to other years comes from analysing athletes who’ve competed more than once. I like to call this recidivist analysis.

The first metric that stands out is the much lower level of repeat competitors, which mirrors the drop in participation overall. Of course, with the proliferation of event options it may be that the Enduro and Aquabike have taken up the slack – I just don’t have the analysis for those events to be able to comment.

Beyond that – it was a faster than average year – mostly thanks to a much faster than normal swim. The ride was a little faster than normal (but slower than 2019, as predicted on FB prior to the race) and the run a bit slower than average.

This analysis is borne out by the number of athletes scoring personal best performances – 96, compared to only 20 in 2018 (the slowest year on record). Not quite as good as the fastest year – 2017 with 157 PB performances.

Course Records

Hannah Wells gave the overall womens record a bit of a scare – only 19s down on Sam Bradley (nee Warriner). On the mens side Kyle Smith knocked 3.31mins of the record formerly held by Braden Curries. Second placegetter Jack Moody also bettered the old mark.

Kyle Smith also took 3mins off the best bike time, previously held by Steven Sheldrake (according to my records).

At the rate Hannah Wells is improving it will be interesting to see if the womens record can last much longer….


Overall a good year for the race – nice conditions with some standout performances despite a lower turnout (for elite and the field in general).

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