Trek Releases WSD Version of the Domane – the Silque

I don’t usually comment on new road bike releases (as there are too many) and particularly not “Womens Specific” ones. But the Silque is interesting enough to warrant making a few observations.

Trek don’t particularly need to create another geometry – across the road range I count 38 distinct sizes – Domane, Domane Classics Edition, Madone H1, H2 & H3 (previous WSD bikes have been H3). But they have done so with the Silque – a modified version of the Domane.

silque3If you wish to read about all the features you can visit bikerumor or bikeradar for the PR burble, or trekbikes for the full range info.

The plot to the right shows the size progression of a few WSD bikes from major brands. silqueIf you’re not familiar with Reack & Stack they are the coordinates of the top of the head tube compared to the bottom bracket. Reach & Stack are the most useful sizing metrics for comparing bikes.

What is notable is that the Silque gets taller much more rapidly that the competitor models. So for a rider requiring the bars high and close it will work quite nicely. It’s also clear that Trek have developed a consistent size progression – unlike the other brands that have varying steps between sizes.


The geometry chart shows that the Silque shares the purpose of the Domane. It is a bit frustrating that Trek have chosen quite steep seat tube angles as the Silque uses their seatmast system that only offers one offset. I’ve checked the fit for a couple of my female clients for whom the Silque would make sense and the seat tube angle means that the bike simply would not work for them.

However – this problem is not unique to the Silque – I frequently have issues with fitting Treks because of the limited offset options in their top models.

Overall the Silque is a nice addition to the market. While the sizing principles are the same as the Domane it offers a couple of smaller sizes and slightly sharpened handling. Reviews of the decoupler system on the Domane are universally favourable (I have not been able to test a Domane as they have too much stack for me to get anywhere close to my normal riding position) so the Silque will undoubtedly be a very smooth riding option for women looking for a bike suitable for recreational riding.


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